Refreshing Fruit Chillers

Refreshing Fruit Chillers

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Hosting a BBQ or pool-party? Try this cool trick for keeping your white and rosé wines perfectly chilled in warm weather.

Add fruit to an ice cube tray or freeze them plain - the fruit will add a festive pop of color to your glass as it melts. Immediately before serving, pop them in your wine glass and enjoy the sunshine!

Match the fruit to the flavors of the wine - use our suggestions below:

Dry Rosé: Raspberry, lemon
Pinot Grigio: Apricot, peach
Sauvignon Blanc: Grapefruit, lime
White Merlot: Clementine, orange
White Zinfandel Chardonnay: Pear, Fuji apple, strawberry
White Zinfandel: Strawberry, cantaloupe, lemon
White Zinfandel Moscato: Raspberry, pineapple
Chenin Blanc: Honeydew melon, lime, ginger
Moscato: Peach, honeydew melon

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